Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From the Bongolesian News Agency and the Bongolesian Observer:

"Army Officers look for pay raise this year."

(Sudekia): During a staff conference with high ranking army officers, several of them mentioned the concept of a possible pay raise for them and their fellow soldiers.
"We are proud to serve under the flag of our beloved country and wear a clean uniform of the army that we have been trained to love". said one officer. "However it would be a bit better for us if we could get a few extra Bling-Blings a month to help us out."
"The Army routinely transfers commanding officers to keep them from "Getting stagnant" in one area for too long, and ensuring national security" says Army spokesman Lt. Sp'in Dok'tur. "We are reviewing the pay and benefits package for officers and even the enlisted. It will help morale and will also help many of them from being killed we think."

"Bongolesian Romance Tours cumming soon to your way!"
(Sudekia): It's only natural that all you need is love and in doing so, the National Tourism Industry is putting the final touches before release of their Bongolesian Romance Tours.
"Man I wish I could tell you all the really cool and hot things that this package offers people for the money we get from them." said a Tourism Representative. "But then I would be giving it away too soon!"
It's said that when the package deal is released, that tourists and lovebirds will have the ability to marry, and honeymoon Bongolesian style.
"Trust me." The Representative said. "When we are done with them they will never forget the money that they put out for this stuff!"

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