Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A "Sudden Issue" in Bongolesia....

*At The Presidential Palace*...

B’wonah stared out the window in silence.

Deep in thought, he didn’t see the rain pattering on the window and rolling off the glass and into the leaky gutters before flowing out the bottom into ever growing streams of water that would end up flooding the gutters of downtown Sudekia.  True, it did help occasionally cool things off for about half an hour, before the heat returned and made the capital city resemble a sweating sauna once again as people poured sweat and the gumba flies thrived on the people’s misery.
But B’wonah didn’t care.
“What could be the problem here?” He thought to himself. “I’ve done everything right. I’ve played my cards carefully, been nice, and sent her a nice photo and some letters….and for what? No response whatsoever. Could it be that she doesn’t find me….attractive enough?”
He shook his head as if in denial. “Naaaah…that can’t be it. Maybe she didn’t like the swimsuit pic…Maybe it was a bit “too much” for a first letter…hmmm….she seems like a delicate creature.”
His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
Turning his head from the window to the door, his eyes made a quick glance to confirm that his loaded pistol was in reach.
“Enter.” He said.
The door opened and the mailman, and the Director of National Intelligence walked in.
“Mail call, your excellency.” The mailman said, while the Intelligence Director stood quietly waiting his turn.
P’hat’s eyes widened and he licked his lips at the prospect of a letter. “Maybe today is the day.” He said aloud.
“Sir?” The Director asked.
B’wonah looked at him. “He’s good…a little “too good”. I’m going to have to keep my eyes on this snake in the grass.” He thought to himself. “Oh nothing…just thinking aloud.” He answered cheerfully. Looking at the mailman, he asked cheerfully, “And what have we got today?”
The mailman handed him a stack of envelopes, and turned and left quickly, closing the door behind him. B’wonah slowly went through the mail, purposefully making the Director wait. “This will show him WHO the boss man around here is.” He said to himself.
“Hmmm…junk mail, shopping catalogs for Moolah….Really Director…How many pairs of shoes does one woman need?” He asked casually.
The Director shrugged.  “I don’t know your Excellency, but if you would like for me to find out, I am sure I can round up some of the usual suspects and extract the answer for you, to your liking.”
B’wonah waved it off with his hand. “Hmmm….No letter from The Princess of Alcovia?” He asked to himself more than anyone else.
“I’m sure that she is very busy your Excellency. Her country is being ripped apart by war, and there is the rumor about the body lubricant shortage that is going on there in Alcovia. It seems that some of them are now using a light coating of vegetable oil instead.” The Director said to B’wonah.
“Hmmm... true… I did read about their recent fiasco at the concert.” B’wonah answered.  He waited a moment and then looked up at the Director. “You usually don’t surface during the daylight unless there is something important going on. Is there something you want to tell me?”
The Director nodded. “Yes Excellency. Something has come up that I do think you need to know about.”
B’wonah’s hand moved closer to the pistol hidden beneath his desk.  “This isn’t about the Bongolesium issue is it? Did they find out about it?” He asked.
“No…Excellency….This is about …something else.”  The Director responded.
“Well tell me.” B’wonah ordered.
The Director began speaking and B’wonah’s eyes grew wide as to what he was hearing.
Thirty minutes later His Excellency President-For-Life P’hat  Daddee  B’wonah was calling an Emergency Cabinet Session to order at the Presidential Palace, and all Presidential Guards had been doubled….