Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting Jiggy on the 28th! GAME ANNOUNCEMENT!

Sat, 28th July: 1300 hrs... Bongolesia gets jiggy once again, as another game of AK47 Republic is coming your way!
"Rescue in Moonbatsia"
# of players 2-4 (Advance notification of play suggested but not required...)
Time is short as the recently kidnapped "party all night long" heiress to the Cocktail Swizzle Stick Industry has been "converted/abducted" by THE Reverend Father Dr. John of the Mysterious "Oingo Boingo Cult", and an all out effort has been launched to rescue her, by a variety of forces. Unfortunately each of the rescuing forces have their own agendas also... Can you as a rescuer, storm the defenses of the Cult, and rescue the "useless but filthy rich" young damsel in distress before she falls to the evil schemes of the "good" Reverend Father Dr. John, (or before your competitors beat you to the prize?).... Or, can you as THE Reverend Father Doctor John with your group of righteous followers hold off the heathens until your "holy work" is done? And why has "The Wild Ducks" Mercenary Group suddenly shown up?... Come join the fun!!!

Her name is Dupree; Vienna Dupree...(or as she says it "Du-PRay...*tsk...siiiiiigh*")...
She's young, pretty, (if you like your girls with a "deer in the headlights" look on their face 24/7, or a shallow smile that means that inside their head is "white noise"...), shallow, vain, conceited, obnoxious, and abnormally stupid...You may have seen her on the covers of Gossip magazines...where she spent $100,000 on neon unicorn lawn sculptures, or rented out a shopping mall for 6 hours and did a power shopping spree with her and her cronies..err..friends.
Yeah...that's her.
She's also immensely rich, and her daddy has powerful friends in his pocket.
She's the heiress to the cocktail swizzle stick industry, (yeah...the little swords in your wifes froo froo drinks at Applebees...), and has more money than you can count.
And unfortunately...she's missing.
Well....she WAS missing.
Intel has picked up that "somehow or another" she has fallen into the clutches of "THE Reverend Father Dr. John" and his followers of "The Mysterious Oingo Boingo Cult" in Central Bongolesia.
It's not known HOW she ended up in Bongolesia or with the OBC, but she's there, and daddy is not happy that his "little princess" is with "those weirdos".
So he's offered a BIG FAT LUCRATIVE REWARD for anyone rescuing her.
Naturally the National Defense Forces are jumping at the chance....
And the UN has decided that this is "The opportunity" that they need to get "things moving" in Bongolesia.
Unknown to everyone else, "Daddy" also hired a group of mercenaries to go in a rescue his babykins...
The Wild Ducks.
Known throughout Africa, The Wild Ducks is a group of British, Irish, Scottish, German, and South African Ex-pats who's only skills involving pulling triggers and solving problems with a suitable application of high explosives.
So yeah...they are on the scene too.

This should be a fun game...

Poor stupid little rich girl....

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