Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2020 update (So far overdue it isn't even funny....)

Dear Friends, Readers, Fans, Followers, and Fellow Patriots of Bongolesia...

On behalf of His Excellency, President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah, I send you all greetings.

And on behalf of myself here, I owe you all a serious apology.
For the last two and a half years (almost), this poor little blog has languished in obscurity. It's not that I have abandoned it. It is just that due to circumstances in my life that have happened since 2018, I have been essentially unable to do much of anything with our beloved 15mm Third World African Hell-Hole.
Between some health issues in 2018, and losing my job in 2019, I thought that was going to be the end of it. However in July of last year I had a simple, yet stupid accident which resulted in a nasty injury. As a result of this, I spent the last six months of last year in a wheelchair while my right leg decided what it wanted to do with itself. Jan and Feb of this month was spent in physical therapy re-teaching my right leg "How to walk again". Also during all of this time, I decided to step back from social media for a good bit. I needed to rest, reorganize, and heal, (both inside and outside).
Despite the quietness of this blog, I have kept Bongolesia alive on social media with it's own government Twitter account, a government Facebook page, and a page dedicated to Bongolesian gaming.
But they are not the same as the blog, and I really need to get back to it.
But I am going to ask you to be a patient just a bit longer.
My wife and I are in the process of moving and doing so are moving into a new house. If we are lucky enough to get this one, I will finally have a dedicated gaming room. This winter I mean to actually set up the complete Bongolesian city of Sudekia and Port Tuziak and get photos of them for intelligence and recon purposes.
AND...we will get back into gaming in our little world.
All I ask is that you not lose faith, and keep President B'wonah close to your heart, as he does all of you...
More to come as the time comes and it happens.
Yours Truly,
Michael T. Murphy

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Bongolesian Air Force (TO&E)


The Bongolesian Air Force (BAF), is the primary (and only) military air arm of Bongolesia. 
While the Army uses helicopters in some of their ground combat operations, it is the responsibility of the Air Force undertake operations of Air Combat, Air to Ground Combat, and Air Transportation and Support during military operations.
Due to the economic budgeting issues of Bongolesia, the Air Force is strapped with old (one could say "venerable") equipment; much of which would seem to be more at home on display in museums that taking to the skies in this day and age.  The age of the aircraft, plus the wide variety of planes, would be a small mechanical, and logistical support nightmare for any first nation air force; however Bongolesia, in true and typical Bongolesian style, does indeed seem to "somehow make it work".


The BAF is set up in a rather small manner. BAF Headquarters is located in Sudekia at the military section of Bomb'a De Plane Airport (also known as Sudekia International). A small military enclave at the end of the terminal for the Civilian Flights is the Headquarters and 1st Fighter Squadron.

Headquarters Bongolesian Air Force: (HQBAF): Oversees all operational and command decisions for the BAF. This is to include training, planning, air operations, and support missions essential to the air defense of the nation.
In the administrative section alone, one can hear the typewriters clicking all day as orders are made, and papers are typed.

Training Command Bongolesian Air Force: (TCBAF): On orders from HQBAF, oversees all personnel training and assignment operations, to include pilot, ground crew, support, flight, and weapons training.
With the exception of officers, all BAF personnel take 3 weeks of basic training at Camp Kill'em'all on the outskirts of Sudekia. This training includes, wear of the uniforms, drill and ceremonies and how to march in step, basic weapons training, emergency training, etc.  Upon successful completion of basic training, new airmen are assigned to their respective units for the job requirement advance training. 
Pilots/Officers undergo a different type of training (to be discussed at a later date).

1st Fighter Squadron: "The Comets"

1st Fighter Squadron (1st FTR SQDN), is stationed at Sudekia International Airport in Sudekia (also known as "Bomb'a De Plane" Airport), and is responsible for overall air to air operations and air superiority for the nation. 
The Squadron currently employs three (3) MiG-15 Fighters and one (1) MiG-21 that in full force is used as a flight leader and coordinator for the MiG-15's.  Future plans are for the MiG-15's to be eventually replaced completely with MiG-21's, and currently Bongolesia is beginning to have issues getting replacement parts for the aircraft as North Korea seems to be hogging them.

1st Tactical Squadron: "The Flying Cheetahs"

While this unit is designated and sanctioned with the mission of provide air to surface strike capability in air force operations, it currently is unable to perform these as both aircraft assigned to it for these missions are in various states of maintenance and disrepair. The Yak-38 is even considered by some to be a "bad luck" jet. It will be a matter of time before this squadron is ready.

1st Transportation and Support Squadron: "The Chickenhawks"

This unit is responsible for moving personnel and supplies from one point to another. Using the C47 aircraft (one of which is also used by Bongo Air as their official airliner), This unit is able to easy land on the more worn and less capable runways, (Lonnieville and Tomtown for example).


Bongolesian Air Force capabilities are severely limited by the following items:

1: Equipment (Age, Technology, and Performance).
2: Pilot Training
3: Armament and Logistics
4: Non-existent all weather/night capabilities
5: Limited command and control

Based on these hindrances air systems analysts believe that the BAF is currently no real threat or even match for any major national air wing that is operating in the area. A full force on force action with 2 USN F-18's would result in the entire BAF Fighter Squadron being easily swatted out of the sky. 
However, there are always "lucky shots", and the BAF is dedicated to improving their capabilities. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Update: An extremely long delay and explanation....

Dear Readers and Followers of "The Bongolesia Blog":

I send this note to you as an apology for the lengthy delay in updating this site.
As you are aware of, our little blog here was not updated at all in 2015, and we are moving onto 2016 with no real updates.
For this I apologize.
On the gaming side, for the past two years I have been horribly absorbed with 28mm figures, (Pulp, Horror, Colonials), etc..and thus my 15mm African "paradise" has languished in obscurity.
It's the curse of mini-gamers as we flight from place to another.

Secondly, I have been thinking hard and long about "redesigning Bongolesia".
In essence, changing around some of the country and the look of this blog to make it more attractive and appealing to the eye.

I am currently tinkering with a draft on Wordpress but am not sure if I am going that route, or if I will just change the blogger/blogspot site we have here.

I am also looking at setting up a mirror site for Bongolesia's neighbor to the South, "The Fandango Republic", and allowing more international hi-jinks.

In short, I have a lot of things I want to do but so little time to actually DO them.

And for this and keeping you in the dark I do apologize.

I plan on reviving this site later on this summer.

Even now as I speak, word is being spoken of Fandango Armor being moved up North towards the border....

Thank you for remaining patient, being concerned, and waiting for more from our beloved land.

Yours Truly;

Michael T. Murphy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



(Sudekia)  The morning sun usually greets our country, but on this day of days, it was greeted by the people of our land.
National Independence Day celebrations kicked off at daybreak with the ceremonial firing of the historic national relic Artillery Piece, known affectionaly as "Old Smokee"  - a signal gun used during the Bongolesian War of Independence.
With a loud, eardrum bleeding "WHOOSH POP BANG!", the day for celebrating our national independence had begun.


Of course and for sure, the main national parade was an amazing sight to behold as our people marched and sang and shouted and celebrated!

(Can't you hear those stomping feet?....NDF Soldiers march on parade. Our gallant boys in green show off their skills at cadenced marching and keeping in step.)
(While other members of our defense forces kept a watchful eye out for trouble on this glorious day....)

Everywhere you looked there were smiles and happiness throughout the crowds of happy Bongolesians. The children were especially happy to see the NDF men and their precision marching....

Among some of the more popular groups in the National Parade were a slew of lovely ladies in "The Blue Babee's Dance Troupe"...Out to show their stuff, and put it out there where it is...

Whoomp! There is it!  All ladies dance troupe parading before the turgid citizens in today's parade....
And their performances were highly appreciated.....

"Yeah Buddy!"...


(Nationwide): Among the many celebrations taking place in the country today, are the many, many festivals of the local native tribal groups.
Among these were members of the famous and fearless Z'bunga tribe of the Central Interior.
While performing their ritual dances, they sang in an amazing tone.

While listening to the singing and watching the mass movements, one of the locals did say, "Well....they have a good bass section....but no top tenor...."


Today's speech from His Excellency, President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah....

(Sudekia):  Greetings to all Bongolesian's and citizens of our wonderful nation, distinguished guests, donors and beneficiaries, and other folks that are listening in on this....
Today is our day of National Independence....and with it....our day of re-committing ourselves to be who we can best be at the best time to be it.
It was on the twenty second of October in the year 1960, that our nation and the groundwork for who we are and what we are now, was first laid.
Like a bird in a nest, grunting out the egg, our land and our people came into being, and the nation has "hatched".
It is here that I say to the world; that we are a member of the world of nations and while we are friendly and open and caring to those that would do their bestest and help get us what we want, we must also say that we keep a watchful eye on those folks in those third world hellholes that would wish to try to get the jiggy on us and see bad things happen to us, (And you know who you are).
I say to the people of world....look upon us...with our bright eyes, and outstretched palms....
And welcome us with gifts......of friendship....fellowship...and many many other good things that we work hard to get from you.



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Workbench update!

Well it's been a bit since I have updated everyone here on what I have going on with Bongolesia on my workbench. To be honest, most of the stuff was put on the back burner while I took a break from 15's and did some 28mm Pulp figs. Now that I have them out of the way thought, I thought I would go ahead and get back into finishing up some of my 15mm stuff...

The workbench/table is kind of full right now...

I am happy to report that I have completed 13 more stands of NDF troops, which equals out to approx 37 figs. This will be the last of the NDF "Boys in Green".

I've also essentially finished the coastal patrol boat, "Moesha".

Both of these are waiting for warmer weather to be sealed and they are done.

The BNINF (Bongolesian Naval Infantry), is 3/4 of the way done. This will be about a dozen stands of Naval Troops used for coastal security operations.
I should have them done within the next week or so.

On top of that, I've started working on a new problem for Bongolesia.......

 (Arms and Equipment of "The Neighbor to the South; The Fandango Republic"
An AH1 for Air Support, Some M41's for Medium Armor, and an M42 Duster for AA protection)

Battlefront had a sale for the month of March you see....
They had 40% off on their Vietnam War stuff, so I made an order. I still have some M113's, some M48's, an M577, and a Recoilless Rifle Team on their way. Soon B'wonah is gonna have to get serious about his Southern Neighbor.

But we can't let Fandango have ALL the fun now can we?

(Better armed and armored than the standard troops trucks and just as noisy too!)

This will probably be the last of the regular equipment purchases for the NDF/Presidential Guard. After that I think I have all for the governmental forces.

My game plan is to get this stuff done quickly, and finish up The Presidential Palace once and for all. I swear it's becoming my albatross.

Then I need to get back to work on my MEU.....I'm still looking for 1/100th scale CH47's (at a decent price), and V22 Ospreys, and I will be making some quick and dirty mockups of LCAC's since the DRAGON model is almost 50 bucks per thank you....

More to come...hopefully...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bongolesian Diplomat Offers Assistance

Diplomat offers to meet with Alcovian leaders and " Help get stuff settled"....

(Sudekia)  With the growing crisis in the Ukraine making headlines all over the world, The National Government today announced that they have been actively monitoring the situation with our good friend, The Nation of Alcovia.
"Alcovia's really a nice place to see once all the snow melts and it warms up again and their plumbing thaws out" A National Government spokesman said during a recent press conference. "It's just too bad and sad and bad juju when they decide to go at each other and cause all sorts of problems that can be resolved one way or the other. We've felt sorry for their ongoing crisis, and know that we can offer them all sorts of assistance and expertise on getting jiggy and getting it done!"

To this effect, his Excellency, President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah, approved sending one of Bongolesia's top diplomats to Alcovia to meet with the leaders of both sides to see "what's going down.", and to seek a proper resolution.

"Bongolesian Foreigh Affairs Experat and Tip-Top Diplomat, W'atsit T'uyoo and his staff are ready to make haste to Alcovia, to show our friends that we can help and when we help, EVERYBODY can get some...We come in peace and look forward to doing our bestest on the world stage of international feel goods..." The National Spokesman continued to say.

A diplomatic telegram has been sent to Alcovia two factions offering Bongolesian Diplomatic Arbitration of the issue. The National Government is awaiting an answer."

("Ready, Willing, and Able", to do what needs to be done...Ambassador W'atsit T'uyoo is ready to help with the Alcovian Crisis and to further mutual interests for everyone...)



President celebrates 29th birthday in Sudekia with celebrations around the nation!

(Sudekia)  All of Bongolesia is involved in the happiness of this day as His Excellency, President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah celebrates his 29th Birthday today at The Presidential Palace.

"It's a great day to be 29!" The President said amid the chorus of "Happy Birthday Mr. President" sung by the girls choir of Chumba' wumba High School and Pre-University.

"To listen to the love and affection that they sing for my birthday....It just touches my heart." The President said with tears of gratitude in his eyes as he looked at the young ladies performing for him. 

A formal birthday luncheon for today is planned for all national dignitaries and governmental heads, and a formal birthday dinner, reception, and ball will be held this evening at the Presidential Palace for visiting dignitaries and ambassadors.  Dress code is formal, and RSVP please....

We here in The Nation of Bongolesia wish our beloved President a very happy birthday!!!!

(His excellency enjoys a birthday breakfast treat on this special day of days in celebration of his 29th Birthday....)