Thursday, December 27, 2007


WOO HOO! I can do the ACU's in 15mm!!!!

Presented to you dear reader is my US Special Forces team, (Complete with ADA, AT, Sniper, FAC, and Command Staff elements) in 15mm. The figures are from Rebel Minis, and were flash intensive but cleaned up well...and painted nicely.

The best thing you can do for ACU's is to find a light light grey and sage green.
1: Prime
2: Base coat, light grey.
3: wash of sage green.
4: Drybrush dark green.
5: Re-drybrush MORE sage green over it, almost practically (but not) eliminating the dark green.
And for 15mm it works!!!!
Now I gotta get those Blackhawks done tonight...

(Command Element)

(ACU patterns on Assault Troops)

(An Artsy side shot....for ACU review)

(Coming soon to a country near you!)

Up close and personal...

"The gangs all here..."

(Remember "When I scream DANGER CLOSE!!! I MEAN "DANGER CLOSE DAMNIT!!!")

Protecting our sky from things that fly...

Reach out and touch someone...

And as always, let me know what you think!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The room is clean, and my December project...

Eeeek again!
It seems that suddenly I've gotten the room "pretty much clean" and usable, and I have a cleanish sort of worktable!
(What the heck is that about?)
During this time I also got around to FINALLY hanging up the National Colors of Bongolesia!
Yeps...da flags on da wall!

(A clean desk in this picture, as opposed to the previous post...and don't forget to salute the flag!)

That being said...I've realized that I need to get some stuff done for my December game.

So here it is.

Before the game on 29th December I have to build

5 QRF UH-60 Blackhawks

1 "Crashed" Blackhawk

1 QRF AH64 Apache

1 1/100 scale HH60 Pavehawk

Oh...and I have to paint almost 100 figs including approx 30 figs of US Special Forces in ACUs, and "radicals" for "The Lions of Allah"...(Can I do it? It's gonna be a furious attempt to do so!)

(Eureka 15mm SF ready for painting!)

(And last but not least, the Pavehawk I have to build.)

This should be an interesting attempt and endeavor on my skills. The biggest issues that I think I might be facing will be on the "fiddly parts" for the QRF birds. Well..that and the painting of the ACU's on the SF...I'm NOT looking forward to that...

Ah well...

I'll keep you informed of the progress.

Wish me luck on this!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Need to clean my gaming work room!


Okay dear cool posts today about what I am doing. Instead this is a post about "what I need to do..."

And that is clean and organize my game work room, so I can sit my butt back down and get these projects done!

I've got crap EVERYWHERE!

Looking in at all the crap from the door...

Another view of the crap...notice the 5 M2/M3 Bradleys (tan) on the foamcore

I call this disaster my painting/work table...

3 containers of paints and them some...gaaaaah!

My painting table...again...what a freaking mess...

Okay so now you've seen genius at work...

Thanks for reading and not screaming too loudly....

Monday, December 3, 2007

An order for figs, and a NEW GAME DATE!!!!

Wow, it's amazing how when the reenacting season is over with, I suddenly have "time" on my hands, well that and NaNoWriMo being over with.

So my next game is on 29th DEC!!!

Games2d4 ( will be the hosting site of the next AK47 Republic Game run by myself here in Indy on: SATURDAY DEC 29th at 2:00 PM! AK47 Republic! Return to the fun filled full firepower frolic of the African Nation of Bongolesia as we introduce a new "power player" into the ongoing saga of our little African Hell-hole game setting…THE AMERICANS!!!! Scenario: "BIG BIRD DOWN" The Americans have lost something…Something "important" to them…And they want it back. Unfortunately when the Americans "lose" something and "want it back desperately", welllll…naturally EVERYBODY else wants it too! And in Bongolesia THAT means "It goes to the highest bidder"…
No one knows exactly "where" Big Bird is, or "Why" it's down…but BARF, THE NDF, and others, along with the US Forces have a pretty good idea of where it is…They just have to get there first…
And they just have to figure out why an entire small village in Bongolesia has "suddenly gone silent"…
So with a roar of rotor blades, and determination in their eyes, the US Special Forces on board their beloved UH60's will move hard and fast into the Bongolesia countryside; determined to get "Big Bird" before "anyone else" does…Take command of BARF, The National Defense Troops, The "Lions of Allah", as they race the US Special Forces to locating "Big Bird" and getting what is so darned valuable, errr….important….from it. All rules will be taught! Come and join in the fun!

Yeps this should be fun. It gives me a chance to introduce the Americans on a small scale without flooding the board with my half built MEU that is chomping at the bit to "kill people and break things"...

I ordered the SF from Rebel Minis and they should be here this week.
I've already got the birds. I just have to build them.

More intell info will be coming this week.

See y'all soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Geez, what a day. Since it's about 31 degrees and rainy/slushy outside, I decided to do some work on Bongolesia. I did some figure painting today, (mostly civilians and some work on that DAMN MT12), and will have a few more stands of "goobers" here real soon.
But the big thing is that I have designed (finally!), the flag for BARF, and....
Drum Roll Please...
Yes..Behold and Feast your eyes upon the very first full color layout of the National Currency of Bongolesia; "The Bling-Bling"!!!!
Yes, you can see that the Bank of Bongolesia has no taste...
Actually in the long run I plan to be able to produce 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 bling bling notes. Able to used by players in buying new stuff for their units for the campaign.
I'm also thinking of selling sheets of these for 2 bucks a sheet.
Soooooooo...who out there wants to invest in Bongolesian Currency???
Let me know what you think.
More to come.