Saturday, December 30, 2006

My worktable this past Saturday...

So here is this weekends projects, already primed. I've needed to get going on some of these to just get them done and get on with it.
Looking in the box you can see 2 dodge 1 1/4 ton weapons carriers, 3 T34/85's, 3 Recon Jeeps, 1 M3/M4 halftrack, 1 Panhard Armored Car with 90mm, assorted trucks and technicals and personnel.
My work table at the beginning...
Finished for the day, (mostly)... The tanks, technicals, and Panhard have been assembled and all vehicles are awaiting painting.

My French UN Troops about halfway done...

As usual, let me know what you think....

Friday, December 29, 2006

My TMP Link and some other Bongolesian Fun Stuff...

So I posted this site to TMP, and I think I am getting some hits. I've gotten good comments from the gang there so far and it is helping me get motivated on it.
I think though, (and this is merely an observation), that the saddest part of this is that when you read about what is STILL going on in Africa today, the dark humor of it, (no pun intended), comes through.
It's been 30-40 years since the European Colonial powers pulled out pretty much and the majority of that continent has plunged into a repetitive cycle of warfare, ethinic and tribal clashes, petty power politics, and just succeeding cycles of dictators.
Kind of sad really...
Okay enough real world stuff...

As I am building this nation, I have discovered that I have yet to show you our beloved flag...that banner which flaps in the stagnant breezes of our beloved homeland. The banner which we all bear near and dear to our hearts...
So here it is...the Bongolesian Flag...

(And on the table...waving proudly...)

Now honestly....I was happy with this little was nice...and had that "African Feel" to it...

So imagine my surprise when at Atomicon in October of 2005...I was presented with this...

Yes...sometimes I think these games get a little "too real"...

Btw...that is Lisa Coffey, (Jason's Wife), who is helping me hold the flag. She is the mad creator behind that little treasure we have in our hands. I've never been able to thank her enough for it. So THANKS again Lisa!

One of the things I also wanted to do was some political posters showing the Bonglesian People "just how good you got it"...and since once in a while they actually have elections in this "one party democracy", I decided to try my hand at some simple B'wonah posters.

The process is simple really. Take a picture, slap it onto a color square ala Photoshop and add text...and voila! Instant Propaganda!!!!

So here it is...Enjoy and let me know what you think...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

More buildings...(LOTS OF PHOTOS!)

Some folks emailed me and said that they liked "Funkytown" and asked if they could see some more of my stuff, and smaller items at that. So I decided this evening to show y'all some more buildings. Most of these are once again, foamcore scratchbuilt, but a couple are resins, from JR, or TimeCast.
Let me know what you think...
My first scratchbuilt attempt...a 15mm Mosque...
(just perfect for the Lions of Allah to store their beloved Kalishankovs in...)
Another view...
Warehouse holding who knows what???
Two views of a Bongolesian Shantytown...
(The ultimate in Low Rent Housing!)
The Bongo Market...(Your One Stop Grocery Shopping Experience!)
Bongo Market (Side View)...
Bongo Market (Rear View)...
Close Up...(Someone isn't too fond of the French Foreign Legion...)
For your ultimate Bongolesian Fine Dining Experience...
Another view of Bongolesia's Newest Franchise...
After Dinner, there's always a movie to be seen...

A wide range of movies for you to choose from for your viewing pleasure...

Local Hooligans have left their markings on the back of the theater...

After the's back home...either to the public housing complex...

Or, your very own run down little hovel...

(Resin model by JR minis)...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Won't you let me take you to...Funkytown?!"

So for this evenings post, I thought I would show off a little "Bongolesian Urbania"...

I wanted to be able to have actual blocks of buildings such as port cities, etc, have. Not just seperate models put side by side, but actual "blocks" of urban "bleah" for troops to have to go and fight through.

So I started work on it.

I have thus created 3 blocks of what I have affectionately named "Funkytown".

Each block that you see is approx 10 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide. The main items in building this is A: Foamcore; B: Imagination, and C: Time.

Foamcore: You'll need more than the usual, so I usually wait for the sales at Michaels, Jo-Anns, or Hobby Lobby. Last year Michaels was having a sale for foamcore at 99 cents a sheet, and I cleaned up on it. It usually runs anywhere from 1.50-2.99 a sheet.

NOTE: If you are using Xacto knives to cut foamcore, GET EXTRA BLADES. The basic rule of thumb is that if you think you are going to need six extra blades, get twelve. Foamcore DULLS blades FAST!!!!!

I designed the overall design on graph paper, and then pinned it to the foamcore. I then used a pencil to trace the design onto the foamcore leaving impressions of the building tracings. From there I played "connect the dots, and then cut. Assembly was easy as this is 3rd World African Hell Hole Construction and Building Standards. Yeps, the architects and construction crews were graduates from the Leonid Brezhnev School of Soviet Bloc Apartment Construction.

The paint jobs are typical of what you find over there. Political posters are extra decorations. Trust me, these are NOT places you would want to live in.

The best thing about Funkytown is that each block can be used seperately, or they can be put together in many ways to make one long block. I've attached a picture of all three blocks together with five stands of Peter Pig US Marines 15mm scale to give you the impression of it's size.
I've got two more blocks in the process of being built and then I have one block of waterfont harbor stuff to do, and this project is finished.

For those of you that love/hate urban warfare in gaming, this place is the schnizzle!

Block One of Funkytown...shops, warehouses, industrial...

Block Two (Consisting of Apt. Buildings, including the Infamous "Pumpkin Arms Public Housing Complex") in it's trademark paint job...nasty orange...

Block Three, Shops, Warehouse, and Gawd only knows what else...

A side shot of Block Three...nice poster...

US Marines 15mm in size comparison to three blocks...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Rebel Forces...

Well I decided to show some Anti-Govt. Forces that I have, and explain a little about them...

The Bongolesian African Revolutionary Front (BARF), is the primary (though NOT exclusive), anti-govt rebel faction in Bongolesia. Led by the infamous T'uba S'alami, BARF usually conducts cross border incursions into the Northwest and Western Half of Bongolesia. With most of BARF's training camps and supply lines coming out of the Central Bongolesian Peoples Republic (CBPR), BARF is dedicated to overthrowing the current dictatorship and replacing it with another one of their choosing. Meanwhile they will ensure that economic disenfranchisment and poverty will be equally distributed among the masses.
(Most of the figs are 15mm Peter Pig, with some Cannon Fodder minis tossed in the bunch...)
Let me know what you think of them.

A side shot of BARF Rebel Troops en masse...
(Some real flashy dressers here...)

BARF ZPU4 14.5mm AA Gun
(Also nice for anti-infantry work...)

(Nothing says "Ambush!" like a Recoilless Rifle...)

("Summer Wear" for BARF insurgents. Just the thing for lounging around the pool or ambushing supply convoys downtown with your RPG...)

(Another side shot of the Rebels en masse...a good look at their forces and equipment on the table...)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Picture of the President!

Well here he is...the first mini to be displayed...President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonahin all of his bemedalled glory. Peter Pig 15mm Ak47 Dictator figure. Let me know what you think of him.

Bongolesia General Information...

To help give you an idea of "what it is and where it be..."

Bongolesia is a coastal country of the African main continent lying just slightly northwest of Madagascar. It is shares borders in the west with the Central Bongolesian Peoples Republic, (CBPR), the Fandango African Republic, (FAR), to the south, and Bunji De Nationale to the north of the IPZ. The area north of it is known as the “International Protective Zones of Bongolesia”, or (IPZ).
The IPZ’s are mandated as “Protective Areas” by the United Nations, and as such are administered by international peacekeeping forces supplied by the United Nations and are over-watched by United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Belgium as the major host countries, while being augmented by additional UN peacekeeping forces from member nations.
The Capital of The National Republic of Bongolesia, (known in this guide as “Bongolesia”), is Sudekia; which in the United States would be considered a mid-sized town commonly found in the Midwest. Sudekia not only boasts of the Governmental Center, but also the main airport, port facilities, rail center, the national telephone center, the national bank, the main national press and the media center, which houses the sole television station, TV-BON, and the radio station, which is heard on low power AM and FM airwaves.Foreign Embassies are located here, as is the country’s major hospital along with most of the nations industry, and commerce.

(Map of Bongolesia showing the UN Protective Zone (IPZ).


Country Profile

Formal Name: National African Republic of Bongolesia.
Short Form: Bongolesia.
Term for Citizens: Bongolesian(s).
Capital: Sudekia.
Date of Independence: October 22, 1960, from European Colonial Powers
Currency: Bongolesian Bling-Bling (B) equal $B1 = USD $ 00.35
GNI per capita: $B781 (approx. USD 250.00)
Fiscal Year: January 1 through December 31.

Politics: As of late 1988, P’hat Daddee B’wonah has served as president for life. He has not named a successor, encouraging rivalry between his two sons Hummus and Ubu. Economic austerity, calls for multiparty system, increased calls for democratic action, outside revolutionary activitu, and increasing crime were potential threats to stability.
Foreign Affairs: Member of Council of the African Economic Community; pragmatic foreign policy; cordial relations with France and other Western nations, along with Russia, China, and various Middle Eastern Nations on which Bongolesia relied for development aid. Supported United States agenda on Iraq in return for new presidential Cadillac.


OFFICE OF PRESIDENT FOR LIFE: President for Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah holds the majority of political power in this “one party democracy”.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: 175 elected (usually appointed) representatives with little to no power. Meets once every three months to rubber stamp decrees issued by President For Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah, and to discuss upcoming soccer games.

JUDICIARY BRANCH: Judges appointed by President for Life, and approved by the National Assembly.

OFFICE OF THE BONGOLESIAN NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCES AND SECURITY: This is the Bongolesian equivalent of the US Pentagon, though it doesn’t have as large or as nice a building to house itself in. This administration is located in a five story brownstone building that was a former high rent apartment complex, and was repatriated to the military for a place to “centralize” Bongolesian National Security. The Chairman of the Office of the Bongolesian National Defense Forces and Security is President for Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah.

OFFICE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS: The Bongolesian Office of Information and Communications is in charge of Bongolesia’s sole television, newspaper, and two radio stations.

NEWSPAPER – The Bongolesian Observer is the official govt. authorized newspaper printed weekly from the capitol city of Sudekia. Printed once a week.
TV-BON – is the National Bongolesian Television Station: It shows government news broadcasts, sporting events, cooking shows, and holds cultural programs as well as “special entertainment”. A favorite of President For Life P’hat Daddee B’wonahs are old reruns of “The Love Boat” and “Green Acres”. It is rumored that his sons enjoyed watching professional wrestling.

RADIO STATIONS – SHORTWAVE: National Bongolesian Radio “The Voice of Bongolesia”
Both of these stations play authorized government messages and programming along with music and cultural information.

Who's who in Bongolesia...

I guess to give all of you an idea of exactly "who is who" in our beloved third world African Hell Hole, I decided to get off of my butt and get onto it. This is a simple list of some of the many people and factions that are within the borders of that beleagured land, (and many that affect it from outside).
It gives you a basic program and as they always say "You can tell a player without a program!"
For the first entry I will give you the local government forces. (Civilian Govt. Flunkies will be included in a later post...)
President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah.
President B'wonah is the supreme ruler dictator of the nation of Bongolesia. B’wonah assumed power of Bongolesia in a military coup in mid 1988 and has maintained an iron grip ever since. He is fiercely nationalistic and usually rails against neighboring countries of differing political views. He is not above being bribed, and his greed and political favoritism is well known in outside world circles. He likes luxury vehicles, beautiful women, prime time TV, and fat bank accounts. Married for the last 25 years to his “beloved” wife; First-Lady-For-Life Moolah B’wonah, they have 2 sons, Ubu and Hummus, (who usually lurk in their fathers shadow and that of the current govt.). He is heavy handed when it comes to political action and usually solves his issues and problems with automatic weapons fire.
First Lady-For-Life Moolah B'wonah.
M’oolah was the youngest and prettiest daughter of a local village elder chieftan charlatan when she met and became enamored with young P’hat. They were married and P’hat then went on to his career of Personal Petty Power Politics and Procedures Promoted Personally by a Pistol…She is the mother of Ubu and Hummus, and is involved in a plethora of “social causes”, (mostly involving children). She has a large collection of cookware including “cooking pots”, and has been know to make “midnight stews”. So far as from what can be found, the rumors of her cannibalistic preference for small children is pretty much unfounded.

NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCES (NDF) – The Bongolesian Army is officially known as “The National Defense Forces”. This renaming of the military was the first thing that President B’wonah did after coming to power. It was used to give the Army a “fresh start” from their allegiance to the old political regime.
The NDF is broken up into units stationed throughout bases located near the major cities of Bongolesia. The majority of the Army is infantry based, (usually truck mounted), although there are some armor and artillery assets. In 1998, the Bongolesian 1st Parachute Battalion was officially disbanded due to safety concerns. The NDF is sworn loyal to the President and is carefully watched over by the Presidential Guard for “Officers showing disloyalty towards the Govt.” The NDF is equipped with a wide variety of military arms and vehicles including those of Russian/Soviet, French, British, and American Surplus Manufacture, as well as some items of local manufacture.

THE PRESIDENTIAL GUARD - The Bongolesian Presidential Guard is the Elite Force in the Bongolesian Military-Political scene. The troops are easily distinguished by their unique headgear, and are known as “The Famous Raspberry Berets”. Their equipment is more modern and of higher quality than that of current regular army forces. There is a growing rivalry between the forces of the Presidential Guard and the NDF as NDF troops constantly have to operate in the field, and rely on occasional scavenging to solve their supply and logistics issues, while the Presidential Guard seems to get whatever it is that their little hearts desire (within reason).

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcome to Bongolesia!

As owner of this site I would like to welcome everyone here to Bongolesia. This blogsite is pretty much dedicated to all of the silliness, and sad irony of wargaming in Africa from the 1960's until Present Day.
Bongolesia is the major campaign country where the majority of these adventures will take place, although she has belligerent neighbors all around her, and is currently in the international hot seat of interest due to the recent discovery of oil within her borders.
The rules we use for gaming are are "AK47 Republic" from RFCM, (although we do use the Cantwell Modifications to give it a little more "umph")
The majority of figures are from Peter Pig, while Vehicles are a strange mix of Peter Pig, QRF, Quality Casting, Flames of War, Matchbox and Hot Wheels, along with some others...
I hope to not only be able to discuss our campaign games here, but also give some ideas on painting, terrain building, scenario generation, and other things.

Please enjoy yourselves here, and don't worry about the sounds of the incoming mortars, they usually don't hit anything anyway....