Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FROM THE WORKTABLE: painting and building goes quite well. Since Saturday I have finished over 30 stands of figures, including refugees, UN, Looters, and Mercernaries. I've also built up two shantytown sections which will be painted this weekend.
The QRF Hind is coming along slowly. It seems to that the Armory White Spray Primer just couldn't do the job, and a nice respray of grey from Krylon and Wal Mart did the job better...

This week will see me finishing up the shanties, the C47, and about four resin buildings that have been crying for attention.

I'm thinking this weekend of building an even larger garbage dump too...Gawd help me.

And Joanns have foam cutter knives on sale for 20 bucks...mmmmmmm...terrain pieces.....good.

Okay, on that note...more photos to come soon, I hope...

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