Monday, March 12, 2007

My gripe to QRF...

Dear QRF;
As a maker of quality 15mm scale military miniatures, you have an amazing range of product of WWII, post war, and modern equipment. For this I am truly thankful for.
That being said however, there are some things that I would like to draw to your attention.
1: Quality Control: The QC of your items is a hit and miss issue. Looking at the QRF packs that I have opened I can honestly say that I have at least a 50% ratio of items "missing pieces". Now...Your response is good to send the missing pieces, but come on...I mean...when you put the parts for a 100 mm AT gun in the bag, please make sure that the mantlet shield is there...or when you put a tank in the bag, it might be handy to include the gun barrel.

2: Fiddly stuff...On more than one occassion, your items come with so many small "fiddly pieces" as to make it a headache as to where to put what. (Please see my suggestion below)...

3: What goes where?...When you issue a kit with 20 odd pieces, it would be nice for you to have SOME sort of assembly diagram. I am currently attempting to build your MI-24 and am having to rely on photos off of the web, due to your lack of (okay....nonexistant), instrucations and diagrams.

4: Split bags: On occassion I've gone into stores that sell your product to find your bags splitting at the bottom and parts falling out. Please fix.

5: WTF? On occassion I have ordered items, or seen items in a store that I have been interested in, only to NOT buy it due to the fact that the bag holding it was so scratched and scarred that I couldnt see the product, or even make an ID of what it was supposed to be...Example: FOW markets a tank..."GERMAN MK-IV PZKPW "Panther". This was a mid war medium tank with good speed, armor and a main gun. It proved to be a headache for allies.
Simple effective and told what it was.
Now..look at some of your packaging...
That may be fine IF YOU KNOW what it is that you are looking at....but if you don't you are going to say "WTF?"
That is IF your packages are marked at all...many aren't.

Please please PLEASE QRF....please correct these issues and you will see better and increased sales...they are not that hard...just a little better packaging, and making sure that stuff is there like it's supposed to be.



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