Tuesday, March 6, 2007

From a friend of mine that just left Bongolesia...

I got this email from my friend Jack, who spent the last two weeks in Bongolesia and is now in Kenya getting ready to haul himself back to Europe. He was able to get more information on the recent fighting in and around Jerryville, and the story that he tells builds up more evidence of a Rebel Victory...
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Sorry for the delay. I'm in Kenya now, and left Sudekia on Tuesday morn; two days after the fighting for Jerryville.
Since net access is restricted in Bongolesia due to the govt, and the lack of technical resources I had to wait until I got to Kenya to send this to you.
Things in Sudekia are not pretty right now. The Govt. is pushing out propaganda of a "minor skirmish" with Rebel Forces in which some of their soldiers were ambushed by rebels while aiding a UN observation force. It's the typical, "Our guys fought to their last bullet" type of heroics.
The biggest issue is the UN casualties. This marks the first UN casualties in Bongolesia and both sides are blaming the other. Rebel Radio says the Govt. did it, and Radio Joe says that the Rebels are trigger happy.
Some folks are a little shaky. Even though Jerryville is pretty far from Sudekia, you can see increased internal security patrols, and army troops inside the city. There's word that there will soon be a counterattack supported by aircraft and heavy armor assets, determined to give the Rebels a major defeat, and gain a solid footing in the propaganda war.
Not much official news is coming out of the Jerryville issue, but I was able to talk to some folks working in a nearby field hospital and they told me that casualties on both sides were actually pretty heavy. Most govt casualties were KIA's due to hits on vehicles, while many of the rebels died from small arms fire.
There is also some worry over at the UN about some of the Europeans and civilians in the town of Jerryville. There was a small group of nuns and a European Family that was helping with agriculture when the the rebels attacked. Their fates are currently unknown.
It's just a confused mess over here with info. Those that do know, aren't talking, and those that don't know are talking too much, and spreading or starting rumors.
I do know that judging from the local reaction and the recent activity around Camp Humptee Dumptee that something big is going to happen, and soon.
I was able to call my wife this morning and she was worried about me. I told her that I would be home by the end of the week. I am going to see if I can get some more info on what's going on here in Kenya before I leave, and I will send it to you.

your buddy;

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