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Bongolesia General Information...

To help give you an idea of "what it is and where it be..."

Bongolesia is a coastal country of the African main continent lying just slightly northwest of Madagascar. It is shares borders in the west with the Central Bongolesian Peoples Republic, (CBPR), the Fandango African Republic, (FAR), to the south, and Bunji De Nationale to the north of the IPZ. The area north of it is known as the “International Protective Zones of Bongolesia”, or (IPZ).
The IPZ’s are mandated as “Protective Areas” by the United Nations, and as such are administered by international peacekeeping forces supplied by the United Nations and are over-watched by United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Belgium as the major host countries, while being augmented by additional UN peacekeeping forces from member nations.
The Capital of The National Republic of Bongolesia, (known in this guide as “Bongolesia”), is Sudekia; which in the United States would be considered a mid-sized town commonly found in the Midwest. Sudekia not only boasts of the Governmental Center, but also the main airport, port facilities, rail center, the national telephone center, the national bank, the main national press and the media center, which houses the sole television station, TV-BON, and the radio station, which is heard on low power AM and FM airwaves.Foreign Embassies are located here, as is the country’s major hospital along with most of the nations industry, and commerce.

(Map of Bongolesia showing the UN Protective Zone (IPZ).


Country Profile

Formal Name: National African Republic of Bongolesia.
Short Form: Bongolesia.
Term for Citizens: Bongolesian(s).
Capital: Sudekia.
Date of Independence: October 22, 1960, from European Colonial Powers
Currency: Bongolesian Bling-Bling (B) equal $B1 = USD $ 00.35
GNI per capita: $B781 (approx. USD 250.00)
Fiscal Year: January 1 through December 31.

Politics: As of late 1988, P’hat Daddee B’wonah has served as president for life. He has not named a successor, encouraging rivalry between his two sons Hummus and Ubu. Economic austerity, calls for multiparty system, increased calls for democratic action, outside revolutionary activitu, and increasing crime were potential threats to stability.
Foreign Affairs: Member of Council of the African Economic Community; pragmatic foreign policy; cordial relations with France and other Western nations, along with Russia, China, and various Middle Eastern Nations on which Bongolesia relied for development aid. Supported United States agenda on Iraq in return for new presidential Cadillac.


OFFICE OF PRESIDENT FOR LIFE: President for Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah holds the majority of political power in this “one party democracy”.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: 175 elected (usually appointed) representatives with little to no power. Meets once every three months to rubber stamp decrees issued by President For Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah, and to discuss upcoming soccer games.

JUDICIARY BRANCH: Judges appointed by President for Life, and approved by the National Assembly.

OFFICE OF THE BONGOLESIAN NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCES AND SECURITY: This is the Bongolesian equivalent of the US Pentagon, though it doesn’t have as large or as nice a building to house itself in. This administration is located in a five story brownstone building that was a former high rent apartment complex, and was repatriated to the military for a place to “centralize” Bongolesian National Security. The Chairman of the Office of the Bongolesian National Defense Forces and Security is President for Life P’hat Daddee B’wonah.

OFFICE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS: The Bongolesian Office of Information and Communications is in charge of Bongolesia’s sole television, newspaper, and two radio stations.

NEWSPAPER – The Bongolesian Observer is the official govt. authorized newspaper printed weekly from the capitol city of Sudekia. Printed once a week.
TV-BON – is the National Bongolesian Television Station: It shows government news broadcasts, sporting events, cooking shows, and holds cultural programs as well as “special entertainment”. A favorite of President For Life P’hat Daddee B’wonahs are old reruns of “The Love Boat” and “Green Acres”. It is rumored that his sons enjoyed watching professional wrestling.

RADIO STATIONS – SHORTWAVE: National Bongolesian Radio “The Voice of Bongolesia”
Both of these stations play authorized government messages and programming along with music and cultural information.

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