Monday, December 21, 2009


Wow...has it been three years already???
Yeps. On a windy, grey afternoon, three years ago, I decided to start blogging about everyone's favorite third world African Hell-Hole; that place that we all know and love (to hate).
And while Bongolesia has been around in one form or another for about five years now, it's only been three years that the blog has been up. Sure there was an old Geocities one that I had started, but it's off to the dustbin of internet history.
So, it's also been quiet on this side for a bit, as I have been doing a lot of painting and building for my favorite African land. And to give an idea of how much it has "grown" I decided to try to get pics of most of the vehicles and figures. My goal one day is to get EVERYTHING in one major picture, (or a couple of pictures and make a panaorama)... There's just simply so much, that I have right now that it's almost impossible with the little table and room that I have.
But Pics are needed on this all important pics there are...

We start of with ..."The Main Man"...

His Dicatatorshipness, President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah, the ruler of Bongolesia since approx 1987, due to a successful coup against the corrupt government of the nation. Looks kinda spiffy in his uniform don't you think?
Next up, the boys in Green...

Yes, the ever fighting, hard charging National Defense Forces. Infantry, Armor, Support, Trucks, etc...(Missing is the Mi-24, and some additional trucks, due to mechanical difficulties)....

A shot of the NDF forces, Presidential Guard, , Some BARF technicals, civvies, all in all a small smorgasbord of some of the many vehicles I have for this nation in crisis.

1st and 2nd Bongolesian Reconnaissance (Light and Heavy), make their appearance....

The Presidential Limo, a 1959 Caddilac with custom "Misty Purple" paint job, (courtesy of Dos Hommiez out of Southern Los Angeles, California).
Another shot of some of the many figs and vehicles I have. The US Troops, UN Troops, BARF Troops, Mercenaries, along with helicopters, the C47, and a slew of civvie vehicles are missing...
The nuns of "Our Lady of Benevolent Suffering" along with their Mother Superior (Sister Mary- Hermann-Goering), and their Reliable 1957 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon with it's ever known name of "Swanky"...
Some of the civilian (European Refugees) that are always fleeing the country when it starts to fall apart....
Some of the many "characters" that's been featured (or wil be featured in further Bongolesian Adventures). From L to R. Bongolesium Scientists, Eurobabe Hostages, "Idi" from Idi's Auto Sales, (Buy Less! Pay More!), Bodonga the Apostle, Bodyguard, The Reverend Father Doctor John, (leader of the Oingo Boingo Cult), Thriller Michael, "Rumbo" (jungle fighter extraordinnaire), Father Christmas, Miss Vienna Dupree, and Kimba The Lion...
And as we celebrate our third birthday with this blog, we realize that Christmas is just around the corner, and how Bongolesians love to get...and recieve what better way to end this post than with a pic of the man in the red suit Bongolesia...

My thanks to everyone out there for a great (although quiet) third year in the "Big B", and will be putting more up soon, (including more buildings, some history, and a few games when they are run!). My thanks to those that read this blog and support it, and the hobby of miniature wargaming, which without it, this little world of mine would never have found a place or a voice...
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from Bongolesia!!!!


Jovian1 on The Miniatures Page said...

Cool - I still can't believe that my GF took out the rolled toilet paper ball from my suitcase and deposited it in the garbage without checking with me first. I still to this day regret the loss of that brave camera crew which you sent with me to report on things here in the great state of Montana. Happy 3rd Birthday Bongolesia Blog!!!

 Ashley said...

Merry Xmas to all the freedom loving Bongolesian citizens and a happy New Year to all.

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