Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's been going down in Bongolesia lately...

Well here we are in the month of Feb, and I have schlubbed off and not finished the AAR...
I'll get to that, (eventually)... update the latest news from Bongolesia...

For those of you not keeping up with "All that's hip and happenin' in the "Big B"…Here's some updates.

1: A new deal was signed with the Government of China to allow some "engineers" to come in country and "oversee" some construction and implementation projects.
2: The Ice Machine at the Bongo Hilton has been fixed again. The manager asks customers to please refrain from stealing the copper condenser coils or shooting the machine.
3: Idis Auto Sales is HAVING A SALE!!!! 3 new running cars are on the lot and they are gonna go fast fast fast! So come in and get your wheels today!!!!
4: Successful postal deliveries to urban areas is up by 2.17%. This is letters only. There still seems to be a slight problem with package deliveries.
5: A new diving board has been installed at the Sudekian Bongolesian Publik Pool! Come in and try it out!
6: A retirement ceremony for General B'unga M'bunga is scheduled for March 3rd.
7: Gossip in Sudekia is rife with the rumor that Wang Chung may play live at "The Bongo Club".
8: Russian Pilots have arrived to Sudekia to demonstrate to the B'wonah Goverment two possible aircraft that may be sold to Bongolesia. The MiG27, and the YaK36 may be sold to the BAF in limited numbers along with support, and training provided by the Russian Govt.
9: SNAK SHAK is pleased to annouce the opening of a new franchise outside of Lonnieville. Please come by and try out our local delicacy, "Meat on a stick"…
10: The US Govt has announced that their embassy in Bongolesia will be formally opened and functional on the 1st of April.

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