Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Update...and yes pics to be coming!

Wow..where is the time going?... projects are on "slowed down" mode as usual. I haven't made as much progress as possible.
Since my last building spree, this is what I have done.

1 additional block of "funkytown"...
2 1.4 CWT Trucks

Almost finished, (needing final touches, flocking etc..)
3 stands of mercenaries...
4 stands of looters.
5 stands of French UN troops

1 "Bongo Cola" billboard.

Still in various stages of work.
1 Mi-24...(just started)
4 more "Funkytown" buildings
Idis Auto Sales
Bongolesian Fast Patrol Boat
1 UH60 Blackhawk
6 UN Trucks
4 PETROCO Tanker Trucks

Hopefully I will get the pics up and running this weekend.

More to come soon.

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