Thursday, April 21, 2016

Update: An extremely long delay and explanation....

Dear Readers and Followers of "The Bongolesia Blog":

I send this note to you as an apology for the lengthy delay in updating this site.
As you are aware of, our little blog here was not updated at all in 2015, and we are moving onto 2016 with no real updates.
For this I apologize.
On the gaming side, for the past two years I have been horribly absorbed with 28mm figures, (Pulp, Horror, Colonials), etc..and thus my 15mm African "paradise" has languished in obscurity.
It's the curse of mini-gamers as we flight from place to another.

Secondly, I have been thinking hard and long about "redesigning Bongolesia".
In essence, changing around some of the country and the look of this blog to make it more attractive and appealing to the eye.

I am currently tinkering with a draft on Wordpress but am not sure if I am going that route, or if I will just change the blogger/blogspot site we have here.

I am also looking at setting up a mirror site for Bongolesia's neighbor to the South, "The Fandango Republic", and allowing more international hi-jinks.

In short, I have a lot of things I want to do but so little time to actually DO them.

And for this and keeping you in the dark I do apologize.

I plan on reviving this site later on this summer.

Even now as I speak, word is being spoken of Fandango Armor being moved up North towards the border....

Thank you for remaining patient, being concerned, and waiting for more from our beloved land.

Yours Truly;

Michael T. Murphy


nobby said...

I'm happy to wait. I read it through every now and again and it always makes me laugh.
Thank you.

Anthony N. Emmel said...

I'm happy to wait. I was wondering if Big Daddy had been deposed!

Unknown said...

Whoa! I discovered this blog just a few days ago and now it's back? What a lucky coincidence!

Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Good to have you back. All mini gamers get distracted! Good luck with your future mini adventures.

Chris said...

Its all good! I look forward to your revisions.

BaBuGames said...

So good to hear this going to be continued! I found your blog a few weeks ago and read most of it. great stuff! I have just started my own Imagi-Nation and your blog is very inspirational. I have mentioned (and linked) your blog in my latest post.

Seb Burlage
Ambassador of Zangali

Clive G said...

It's good to hear that PfL P'hat Daddee B'wonah is still hale and hearty, and that rumours of his demise are much exaggerated, and indeed probably the fantasy of those BARF rascals whose comeuppance is indeed coming up! Up P'hat Daddee!!

Ted Henkle said...

Glad to see you posting again! Good luck with the redesign!

Bluewillow said...

Great news,

As for blog design blogger has the ability to have pages, one for each country with the front page directing traffic too the pages, that way you could also add a reinforcement page for paint jobs and projects.

My two cents

David Cooke said...

Oh welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back. All mini gamers get distracted! Good luck with your future mini adventures


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