Friday, June 3, 2011


Government declares State of Emergency due to thugs and hooligans causing problems in major cities...

Police Force and NDF deal with bad boyz wannabes....

(Sudekia) The National Government today declared a "State of Emergency" within the nation with curfews on the cities of Clarksville, Waughtown, and Kensington-Hyde-White.

Government spokesmen have announced the curfew to help stop the angry rioting that has been fueled by anti-govt. thugs and hooligans using the current financial crisis to exhort their rhetoric agains the law and order government and the people.

In statement issued by the National Government, Spokesman Sp'in Dok'tur said:

"Due to the current wham-bam thank you ma'am issues going on with the international communities against our beloved nation, certain thugs and hooligans that don't like our way of life have decided to use this time to cause trouble in the country. Despite their pitiful efforts at swaying loyal Bongolesians from their nation, there is a whole lotta shaking going on, and as a result his Excellency President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah has approved a State of Emergency within the nation. Interior security forces are being bolstered by our beloved NDF troops and mark my words...Our boys in green will make sure that anyone getting jiggy as a result of this civil unrest will soon see the sharp end of the pain stick!"

Poor defenseless automobiles are set afire on the streets of Clarksville by thugs and hooligans....

A photograph of some local thugs and hooligans trying to start trouble in Waughtown. Just moments later they felt the pain stick as security forces got jiggy with them and laid down the law.

National Defense troops singing Patriotic Songs and whippin' up the ol' fightin' spirit before going in and dealing with people that did and didn't cause all the problems going on. Besides being able to rip off a burst with machine guns, many of these guys have great singing voices!

General Lok N' Lode, commander of the National Defense Forces, addresses media questions about dealing with the thugs and hooligans. The General likes to get plenty of action, and it's guaranteed that he'll be giving the action to those hoodlums that want to cause problems in our beloved nation.


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