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CBPR Tanks on Military Manuevers near the Northwestern Bongolesian Border...A CBPR military spokesman said that these are "routine military exercises"...

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CBPR Military Forces conducting "maneuvers" near border with Bongolesia; Officials say "Merely routine"…

(Sudekia) Tensions in Bongolesia already heightened due to the recent confirmations of 3 missing scientists and a large amount of the newly discovered element "Bongolesium", have been further increased by the reports of Military Forces from the neighboring Central Bongolesian Peoples Republic, (CBPR) on military exercises near the border that they share with Bongolesia.
Reports are confirmed from National Defense Forces Headquarters in Sudekia that ground forces of the CBPR have recently begun military operations close to the border.
Earlier this afternoon, a press conference was held where Military spokesman General B'unga M'bunga told reporters. "This is the first time in a long time that we have had reports of the CBPR trying this. If they think that these "exercises" are meant to scare the Bongolesian people into acting like an old lady crossing a busy street with cars that don't stop, then deys got anudder thing comin'!"
When told that at least one plane of the CBPR air force was involved in the exercises, General M'bunga scratched his head, and looked confused while answering with "Really? They finally got the engine fixed on that thing?? Well, you learn something new everyday." General M'bunga then went on to discuss that he had been given his orders by His Excellency President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah in which "he was authorized to repel any invaders that launched into the Bongolesian countryside from their third world hellholes."
"And you know who you are…" He said wagging his finger.
Unconfirmed reports are arriving that National Defense Forces are moving into the area as a show of force against the CBPR. However, word is also out that since the area is rife with anti-govt. BARF encampments, that this may be the beginning of a pre-emptive military strike against the rebels and perhaps to recover the rare and expensive Bongolesium."
And don't forget the scientists…them too." General M'bunga said with a smile.
President B'wonah is scheduled to hold another press conference tomorrow morning and has invited all European News Network Eurobabes to breakfast before the conference for private discussions…
Stay tuned to The European News Network as this story unfolds….
And now back to "Knightrider-II; The Wrath of Hasselhof"…

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