Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Won't you let me take you to...Funkytown?!"

So for this evenings post, I thought I would show off a little "Bongolesian Urbania"...

I wanted to be able to have actual blocks of buildings such as port cities, etc, have. Not just seperate models put side by side, but actual "blocks" of urban "bleah" for troops to have to go and fight through.

So I started work on it.

I have thus created 3 blocks of what I have affectionately named "Funkytown".

Each block that you see is approx 10 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide. The main items in building this is A: Foamcore; B: Imagination, and C: Time.

Foamcore: You'll need more than the usual, so I usually wait for the sales at Michaels, Jo-Anns, or Hobby Lobby. Last year Michaels was having a sale for foamcore at 99 cents a sheet, and I cleaned up on it. It usually runs anywhere from 1.50-2.99 a sheet.

NOTE: If you are using Xacto knives to cut foamcore, GET EXTRA BLADES. The basic rule of thumb is that if you think you are going to need six extra blades, get twelve. Foamcore DULLS blades FAST!!!!!

I designed the overall design on graph paper, and then pinned it to the foamcore. I then used a pencil to trace the design onto the foamcore leaving impressions of the building tracings. From there I played "connect the dots, and then cut. Assembly was easy as this is 3rd World African Hell Hole Construction and Building Standards. Yeps, the architects and construction crews were graduates from the Leonid Brezhnev School of Soviet Bloc Apartment Construction.

The paint jobs are typical of what you find over there. Political posters are extra decorations. Trust me, these are NOT places you would want to live in.

The best thing about Funkytown is that each block can be used seperately, or they can be put together in many ways to make one long block. I've attached a picture of all three blocks together with five stands of Peter Pig US Marines 15mm scale to give you the impression of it's size.
I've got two more blocks in the process of being built and then I have one block of waterfont harbor stuff to do, and this project is finished.

For those of you that love/hate urban warfare in gaming, this place is the schnizzle!

Block One of Funkytown...shops, warehouses, industrial...

Block Two (Consisting of Apt. Buildings, including the Infamous "Pumpkin Arms Public Housing Complex") in it's trademark paint job...nasty orange...

Block Three, Shops, Warehouse, and Gawd only knows what else...

A side shot of Block Three...nice poster...

US Marines 15mm in size comparison to three blocks...