Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcome to Bongolesia!

As owner of this site I would like to welcome everyone here to Bongolesia. This blogsite is pretty much dedicated to all of the silliness, and sad irony of wargaming in Africa from the 1960's until Present Day.
Bongolesia is the major campaign country where the majority of these adventures will take place, although she has belligerent neighbors all around her, and is currently in the international hot seat of interest due to the recent discovery of oil within her borders.
The rules we use for gaming are are "AK47 Republic" from RFCM, (although we do use the Cantwell Modifications to give it a little more "umph")
The majority of figures are from Peter Pig, while Vehicles are a strange mix of Peter Pig, QRF, Quality Casting, Flames of War, Matchbox and Hot Wheels, along with some others...
I hope to not only be able to discuss our campaign games here, but also give some ideas on painting, terrain building, scenario generation, and other things.

Please enjoy yourselves here, and don't worry about the sounds of the incoming mortars, they usually don't hit anything anyway....

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