Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lions of Allah; a growing problem for B'wonah...

While working on Bongolesia, I had decided that I wanted to push another "faction" into the fray. We already have BARF, and we have the local Oingo Boingo Cult. But I wanted a "hard" dedicated religious faction that could be used to shape the present and the future of this beleagured African Country. And so dear reader I give you "The Lions Of Allah" (LOA).

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a fictitious faction loosely based on certain groups within Africa. It's not meant to upset anyone with delicate sensibilities. Heck, if your sensibilities are THAT delicate and fragile, you shouldn't even BE on this blog!)

With the recent Islamic surge throughtout Africa, the nation of Bongolesia has not been exmpeted from the rising tide of Islamic Extemeist and Fundamentalist problems.

Among the major factor in this issue is an organization known as "The Lions of Allah", or LOA.

The LOA is a recent new organization within the power scheme of Bongolesia as is the Islamic religion, but it and the religion are growing steadily. African Islamic Power is establishing itself in the main cities of Sudekia, and Port Tuziak, with the first Mosques open for worship five years ago. It's thought that approx 10% of the general stable population is Islamic. Currently the B'wonah regime allows the religion within the country as long as it doesn't challenge his authority.

However unknown to him it is being challenged.

The current Islamic Leader in Bongolesia is Mullah Ach'med A'hmed P'ita Eetuh. A recent transplant from Sudan; the Mullah has been in country for approximately two years and has worked on winning the hearts and minds of the Bongolesian people and spreading Islam throughout the country. All of his efforts in the long run DOES increase his power base.

Despite words from his fellow Ayatollahs, etc. Mullah P'ita Eetuh has jumped ahead of the standard schedule of "Islamitization", and has already allowed a small branch of diehards (The LOA), the begin small scale operations to destablize the country and help push the people (at the point of a bayonet if necessary), towards Islam with the overall goal to replace the B'wonah regime with an Islamic African Nation, (with himself in charge of course)...

(Mullah Ach'med Ahmed P'ta Eetuh; the man in power and giving orders to the LOA. He senses his destiny and knows that history has a place for him...)

While overall information on the size and organization of the LOA is very sketchy at this time, and hard to come by, it is known that the LOA seems proficient in small group operations. Small cell teams of less than a dozen, (usually smaller than this), seem to be their main modus operandi. In some areas and cases they have been known to operate in smaller groups of 2-4 personnel each.

They are proficient in ambush attacks and seem to prefer hit and run, rather than stand and fight operations. Perhaps this is due to their objectives, or because of limited size and/or equipment.

Most LOA activities are concentrated at night in smaller towns and surrounding villages where "LOA Law", and "Tithes" are enforced and enacted upon the populace. Despite the intervention of Local Police, and NDF forces, there has been no concrete evidence (yet), that the LOA individuals are in any way associated with the mullah. He in fact disavows them and says that "their actions are not of what he preaches."

President B'wonah is still skeptical though. So until evidence linking the mullah to the LOA can be found, (or decently fabricated), the Mullah remains alive and free to preach, (and plan), without having to worry about receiving a "B'wonah Brain Hemmorrahge"...


Figures for the LOA:

I'm currently using Peter Pigs Arab figures mixed in with Regular Milita figs to flesh out the forces for the LOA.

To help users with id'ing figs, I have decided that support weapon teams (2 figs, LMG, RPG, etc), will have at least 1 figure (the major figure), wearing a red headress with white stripes, (or is that white with red stripes???)....hmmm..

Here are some that I have painted up right now...

(A LOA RPG team, ready for action...)

(An LOA Attack force, in training at a "secret camp"...Note the different styles of headdress...)

(A picture of an LOA "martyr" force in front of a recently vandalized wall of B'wonah Posters...)