Friday, January 26, 2007

Armor, On-going Projects and a sidestep from Reality...

Well it's been almost two weeks since my last update on Bongolesia and my projects. I've been busy with other real word items and the fact that I have been getting my ACW reenacting stuff up and ready.
But I took today to get back on track and to get some items finished and up for display and for your review.
The first is the T34/85 Med Tank Plt. of the 1st Bongolesian Armored. These are three T34/85s from Battlefront Minis.
They aren't bad pieces with the exception of the tracks didn't fit on the hull very well and have a "bent in" appearance that I didn't like. But there was nothing I could do about it. Colors used were Vallejo Uniform Green, black, burnt umber, and about four or five different browns and washes to get the weathered look.

Tank Platoon Leader with Signal Flags. If I am correct this is the signal command for the tanks to form up into a column.

Bongolesian Tanks on Manuevers in the field.

Another project literally jumped out at me.
One of my "things" is looking for vehicles that I can use in the game that aren't your typical military vehicle. For some of my scenarios I am going to need Fuel Trucks for PETROCO. I didn't feel like paying 11.95 for GAZ Refueler trucks, (Sorry QRF), when I stumbled upon these little babies in the toy aisle of my local Meijer Store. At 69 cents a pop...I got five...
Upon arriving home, I decided that one would be a "Destroyed" truck. So I got to working...

The Price IS Right on these fuel trucks...

Okay so the EXXON sign needs to come off...
After removing the EXXON signs, I then used a pencil and marked my damaged areas on the fuel truck. I wanted part of the fuel cell blown out...and windshield damage... I cut a small square of sheet styrene for the base...took out my trusty handy dremel...(If you DO NOT have a need me...It's the gamers know all, be all, end all tool...) and went to town. Fun thing is that the fuel cell body is a cheap styrene plastic so as I went to cutting parts of it boiled up from the "heat"...just like a real burning vehicle!
I flattened down the tires on one side and mounted it on the styrene.

So far so good...unless you were the driver of this thing!!!!

I painted the base a burnt umber color and then painted the inside of the fuel cell black...I've started work on the damage and I added some homemade PETROCO signs. So far it's a little over 50% complete. I've got to finish the damage and put the debris on the ground, etc....but so far I like what I have.

Don't let the stockholders see this!!!!

So that is about as far as I have for now.

Now onto something a little disturbing about my fictional country.

Last week I was cruising Google when I entered Bongolesia to see what would come up. Among my normal entries, etc...Suddenly, I found another link. I clicked on it, and went to an Energy Investment Site for 2007. Bongolesia General Information, (on this BLOG!!!) was listed as a forum entry under "Western Refining!"

Oh lord...someone thinks it's real!

I put a post on TMP telling folks about it, and reminding them that it isn't real.

Funny but scary at the same time.

Okay folks thats it for now. Let me know what you think of my work, and next week I hope to have finished the truck and maybe even post the first part of building the QRF Mi-24 HIND helicopter!

Comments are appreciated...

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