Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Wow...my baby has turned 4...

Little did I know that four years ago, I would start a blog on something that isn't real, yet leads people, organizations, and government agencies to believe it is...something that doesn't exist in the real world, yet has people argue about "the social condtions within it's borders" in a college cultural anthropology class and with a teacher from Africa that never realized that the country wasn't real...


In the last four years, I've designed much for the country, including facebook pages, and have been embroiled in hot Wiki arguments for it's survival, and on TMP with folks that seem "offended".

And it's all in fun.

So many people over the last four years have helped, and contributed to this site. I cannot name them all, but in the words of His Excellency President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah, "And you know WHO you are..."

But here are some names and thanks to those that helped this little hell-hole come about:

1: To TMP for allowing it to flourish.

2: To Joe Sudek, Jason Coffey, Rick San Augustin, Alex, Jon Wright, Dan Tuziak, Gary Dryzanski, Tom Adams, and so many more from the Las Vegas gamers groups there that helped support it.

3: To Tony Rocha, (the founder of Houstons "Little Wars"), for his support, and to Mike Porterfield, who helped open my eyes to the world of AK47 Republic.

4: To the Indianapolis and Midwest US crew; My "brother" Dan, (Marauder6), Noah and Brian, and their kids who have romped through this land, and the rest of the gang from G2D4 here in Indy. Jerry runs a good shop. Thanks Jerry.

5: To the country's fans, (those brave souls that have subscribed to this site...) and especially to "Kyoteblue" and "Count Natokina" of TMP fame who have given tons of support. Without the support of you folks here reading this, it would simply be another "little site".

6: To Salma Hayek, David Hasselhoff, Alan Alda, Martha Stewart, Ricardo Montalban, and the rest of the supporting cast that have found themselves drawn into this...

7: The guys at the AK47 Republic Yahoo Group..which puts up with my madness....

8: And a big thanks to those people who have for some reason said "That this inspires them" to create their own countries, build armies, engage in third world shenanigans, created action figures, and thank me for using ideas that they said I gave them. In all honesty I should be thanking them for their creations and for enjoying what I could do. So guys...here's to you...

And most of all:

To My lady Melodie, who supports all of my strange endeavors and imaginary glory in this country. She's supported this country and it's political hi-jinks whole heartedly...and I could never ever thank her enough...

Thank you all for letting this get to it's 4th birthday....


Michael T. Murphy


Paul´s Bods said...

Happay brthday Bongolesia :-D

Dan Merchant said...

Happy Birthday and many more.


Eli Arndt said...

Happy Birthday Bongolesia!

Thanks for the inspiration.


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