Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monuments, Propaganda, and things that float in the water...AND PICS!

Well as promised, and as usual, a long overdue update!
And this time there are pics!!! Woo hoo!
As usual, comments are appreciated. Let me know what you think.
First off;
"The Bongolesian National Independence Victory and Unity Arch"
This structure is found on Avenue De' Main in the Capital City of Sudekia. It was designed and built around 1970 to commemortate the Oct. 22nd 1960 date of National Independence. After President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah came to power in a successful coup in 1988, it is also commonly known as "The B'wonah Arch".
Grandeur and Splendor; all in one structure to celebrate Bongolesia throwing off the yoke of it's Colonial Masters (according to what they tell you...)

A close up of the arch with a stand of the Peter Pig AK47 Media figs on the road under the main archway for size comparison...

An oblique shot of the same structure, showing some of the construction and weathering. The entire structure was made from a piece of pink insulation foam sandwiched between two pieces of foamcore and glued onto a basswood support. It was then lightly coated with wall spackling, left to dry and then painted and highlighted. I'm thinking that perhaps in the future I will mount something gaudy and "statuelike" on top of it (sorta like the Brandenburg Gate), perhaps an eagle, or a chariot or something...

Moving right along...

Unfortunately, not EVERYONE is happy with the good to it'ness of President-For-Life P'hat Daddee B'wonah as photographs show. This is a recent presidential billboard that has been vandilized by some local BARF hoodlums and thugs. When asked about incidents like this, President B'wonah shook his head sadly and said "It breaks my heart to see my photo and other things in our country ruined by these bored hoodlums and thugs that seem to flock to those people (And you know who you are), that are determined to bring ruin to our country and to kick me outta power. But, my rule is strong and the people want me like no other, and our country will overcome a few thugs and no-gooders intent on painting up things and causing problems!"

Meanwhile the Ministry of National Information and Propaganda has released a new President B'wonah billboard, exhorting his fame and success!

Kind of makes you shiver and shake in the frenzy of his awesomeness, doesn't it?

Another sign from the Ministry of Media, Communications, and Public Affairs are the new signs advertising "DJ B'oogur S'oodek playing da tunes on Radio Joe, AM 7.62"

Meanwhile....more urban goodness as the third of four blocks of "Funkytown" comes into being...This one includes shops, apts, and a tattoo parlor...oh joy...

The front of block #3 of "Funkytown"...nice colors...and the dirt accents the colors quite nicely...

A nice oblique shot showing some of the local graffitti...

A left oblique shot...another "Radio Joe" sign...and some light graffitti....

The back end of block showing rear (escape) exits, and vandalized posters of Fred Sanford...

A close up of some of the graffitti; a growing source of concern in Bongolesia....

And finally.....(whew!)

A while back I got to thinking about having a scenario involving a 15mm Cargo Ship, (based loosely on the old Liberty Ship designs). I was unable to find one in scale, so the idea then began to build one. Looking at the detail on this ship I've decided to take a lot of the detail off in order to make it playable. (Thanks FoW for the description).

So here is the hull of the Sovie..errr..Russian Cargo ship...which will be christened "Головка трещотки" ("Rattlehead") in honor of Rattlehead on TMP and Rattlehead Games!

The Rattlehead is a standard 1950's era Soviet Design Bulk Cargo Freighter. Built in the Vludoduvnia shipyards and launched in 1956, the ship was used for almost 30 years delivering "Farm Equipment" to various third world nations in return for UN/US/Western Food Aid Shipments that were delivered in payment and loaded onto the ship for return back to Mother Russia.

With the end of the Cold War, the ship was reflagged with the Russian Flag and has become (more or less) part of an "independent Russian Merchant Marine", delivering "items of interest" to any customer with hard paying cash, or something beneficial in trade.

It's currently commanded by Capt. Pickyup Andropov, a former Soviet Navy Officer and carries a crew of 20.

It's know to visit African and Arab nation ports frequently, and can occassionally be seen being towed by repair vessels in the Mediterranean. It has a frequent habit of mechanical difficulty and often spends weeks sitting in port waiting for a repair part to arrive from Minsk, or Moscow, or Col. Bubbies WWII Surplus Center in Galveston, Texas... The hull of "The Rattlehead"....neat looking huh?

An oblique shot of the ship, showing the fore, main deck and aft...

A shot of the ship with a Peter Pig AK47 Media crew (3 figs) on a 1X1 inch Litko Aero stand on deck AND the Peter Pig WW1 Steam Launch for size comparison. This is currently THE Largest scratchbuilt item I have ever tried to build.

More pics will be coming as the project wraps up, and I get more stuff painted!


ColCampbell50 said...


The Rattlehead actually looks like it could have been built in a Soviet shipyard!

Here's a link that shows some of the quasi-15mm ships we made for a Russian Civil War game:


Malbrook said...

Congradulations on the 48th anniversary of Bongolesian independence!