Monday, July 23, 2007

Update from this weekend.

A building frenzy.....
Man....the days are getting close to the next game and I still have a ton to do...but...
I've FINISHED A LOT of projects!
It's also good to see how quickly things get done when you clean your game room/work room.

Finished over the last two weeks.
1: 30+ stands of figures
2: 1 C47..finally!
3: 3 Sections of Shanties
4: 2 Oil tanks
5: 1 shack
6: 3 pieces of Airstrip
7: 2 Signs
8: 3 "bling bling" cars...*(more on those below).

The Mi-24 is in it's last stages of construction and then I shall finish the painting this week, and the holy house is mostly done and painted. some final touch ups and the a residence fit for THE Reverend Father Doctor John, is all ready, (pool and all).

A recent trip to Wally World bagged me a nice little Matchbox helicopter, (repainted and to be used as THE Reverends "Holy Hopper"), and 3 Hot wheels "bling bling" cars. 2 SUVS's and a Chrysler 300 (that looks like a mercedes). All are completely done in "tacky gold", and I've paitned the windows black. A nice little entourage.

I'm going to try to get more pics up this week, but I can't guarantee it. I have to have everything ready by Thursday night, and will be busy painting, organizing, and prepping, plus with me having PC access at home once again, I have a ton of stuff to do now.

More to come soon.

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